"Such Tiny Lives" by Terra Brigando

Terra Brigando

Terra Brigando

Terra Brigando is a recent graduate of the University of Redlands where she received her BA in creative writing. Her work has appeared in Decomp Magazine and Poetic Desperation. She also has a poem forthcoming in the April issue of Apt magazine. She was the fiction editor for the University of Redlands literary magazine, Redlands Review, and has published various works in the Giraffe, the university's underground literary magazine. She currently lives in Northern California where she enjoys photography, singing, and music of all kinds.

Such Tiny Lives

I never meant to exist outside
of a comma, it just so happened 
that I stretched my arms and legs a little 
too far off the page— 
and now I'm here.

The world took shape
behind my back in a full-blown 
lightening storm of predetermination. 
Noon becomes local,
apparent, and then there are no shadows,
just as the time the whole sky
went blank, and my hand froze in the middle
of its journey home.

I never meant to love
with my head;
but since I'm here I guess it isn't so bad.
Now, especially when the dunes shift their weight 
against the shapeless measure of time,
I try to sit and recreate the feeling 
of dropping
at the point when it felt the most real,
but I fail.