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Superstition Review is the online literary magazine produced by creative writing and web design students at Arizona State University. Founded by Patricia Colleen Murphy in 2008, the mission of the journal is to promote contemporary art and literature by providing a free, easy-to-navigate, high quality online publication that features work by established and emerging artists and authors from all over the world. We publish two issues a year with art, fiction, interviews, nonfiction and poetry.

We also enjoy honoring all members of our Superstition Review family by maintaining a strong year-round community of editors, submitters, contributors, and readers through our social networks:

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Since 2008 our literary magazine, Superstition Review, has published art, fiction, interviews, nonfiction, and poetry in a beautifully designed online format that is free and open to the public. In 16 years we have published over 1600 international authors and artists, and we have mentored over 500 students. This is a community project that connects students to experts in the fields of art and literature from all over the world.

Your generous donations will provide direct opportunities to students who learn practical skills in the fields of advertising, web design, social media management, content curation, blogging, and marketing.

Your generous donations will go directly to the support of student work on the magazine:

$25 will pay for a website redirect with godaddy.com so that our website is easily accessible across the globe.

$100 will pay for our listing in the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, which ensures our national reputation and boosts student placement in strong jobs after graduation.

$250 will cover our annual web hosting costs so that our students can learn two content management systems, Wordpress and Drupal.

$500 will support student attendance at the Associated Writers and Writing Programs Conference.

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a note from the editor

We have now completed 32 beautiful issues of Superstition Review. We have grown from a small online journal to a national media outlet with 60,000 readers over our many networks. 

So here are the well-deserved thanks:

I can't thank my Student Editors enough for their dedication. They spend many hours reading submissions, corresponding with authors, organizing content, and designing pages and advertisements. Oh, and Tweeting, Blogging, and Facebooking too!

Thanks also to my Faculty Advisors who contribute so much time and energy to mentoring students.

Thanks also to our contributors in this issue.

Patricia Colleen Murphy 
Founding Editor
Superstition Review




Along with publishing a biannual journal, s[r] releases a newsletter once a month in the fall and spring to keep readers and writers informed of literary trends and to give editorial updates. These newsletters serve a wide audience of established and emerging authors, developing writers, and readers. Past newsletters have included articles covering topics like MFA programs, contributor updates, guest posts by SR contributors, and award announcements. To receive our newsletter, please fill out the form.