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a note from the editor

I am writing to announce my departure from Arizona State University, and the subsequent suspension of Superstition Review. I am deeply grateful for the experiences I had during my 31 years teaching, particularly the opportunity to found the magazine 17 years ago. I celebrate our 33 Issues, 2750 blog posts, and impressive presence on nine social networks.

I started the magazine as an applied arts project to promote the professionalization of undergraduate students. I will always be proud of providing so many opportunities for students to gain valuable skills and cultural access by working directly in the field of contemporary arts and literature. I appreciate past leadership at ASU who helped this project thrive. I hope that future leadership at ASU will make choices that benefit the students and truly uphold the ASU charter.

I am so proud of the collaborations that grew SR from a small online journal into a global media outlet with a substantial readership. Just one look at our archives page shows our astounding level of international reach. One of my proudest achievements has been fostering a community where undergraduate students were interacting with their literary heroes such as George Saunders, Roxanne Gay, Sandra Cisneros, Anthony Doerr, Maggie Nelson, Joyce Carol Oates, TC Boyle, and Billy Collins.

I also greatly enjoyed leading students in community service with UMOM Homeless Shelter, Project Humanities, Free ArtsAZ, and Aris Foundation. Our collaborations with the U of A Poetry Center allowed us to co-sponsor events with many authors such as Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, Charles Simic, and Ada Limon. And for many years before COVID, our annual trips to AWP gave students the opportunity to meet contributors and celebrate them across our networks.

Student commitment to excellence and passion for art and literature have truly shaped the magazine's identity and impact. Our undergraduate editors worked tirelessly at all the steps of running a magazine: reading submissions, corresponding with authors, organizing content, designing the issues, and managing our online presence.

I have devoted my career to student success, and I will deeply miss these interactions. Nothing brought me more joy than helping students find their strengths. As part of their work with me, each student created an updated LinkedIn profile, and I love seeing so many updates from SR interns who have taken on roles such as: editors at major publishing companies, professors at universities, K-12 teachers, freelance writers, social media managers, content designers, and web designers.

I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our Faculty Advisors, whose guidance, support, and mentorship have been essential throughout this journey. Their expertise and dedication to nurturing student talent have not only enriched the quality of the magazine but have also provided vital learning experiences for all involved, including me.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without our talented and diverse contributors. Their creative work has captivated our readers and promoted artistic discourse at ASU and beyond. One of my great joys as an editor was celebrating the current successes of our 1600+ authors and artists. I will miss this ability to sing the praises of other creatives across a wide platform.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a dynamic community, and I am confident that the experiences gained during my time at ASU will continue to shape my personal and professional journey.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the achievements of Superstition Review. Your dedication, creativity, and hard work have made this journey extraordinary.