Issue 30

Issue 30 Fall 2022

Issue front list


Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including Denise Bibro Fine Art, Katzen Museum, Huntington Museum of Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts in Lithuania, and CICA Museum in South Korea.

RAEchel Running(She/Her) is a visual storyteller, creating multi-media images that explore and champion restorative relationships of the diverse cultures connected to these beautiful, tragic and mystical histories of the Americas. 

Gabriel Granillo

Gabriel Matthew Granillo is a writer and photographer. His works have appeared in both print and online journals including Postcard Poems and Prose, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Timberline Review.

Angie Cruz

Angie Cruz is a novelist and editor. Her most recent novel is How Not To Drown in A Glass of Water (2022).

Audacia Ray

Audacia Ray (they/she) is a queer nonbinary femme whose stories have been published in Necessary Fiction, Litro Magazine, NonBinary Review, and Stone Canoe.

Danny Rivera

Danny Rivera is the author of Ancestral Throat, a poetry chapbook published by Finishing Line Press in 2021.