Founding Editor

Patricia Colleen Murphy
Patricia Colleen Murphy

Patricia Colleen Murphy founded Superstition Review at Arizona State University, where she teaches creative writing and magazine production. She won the 2019 Press 53 Award for her poetry collection Bully Love and the 2016 May Swenson Poetry Award for her poetry collection Hemming Flames. Her writing has appeared in many literary journals, including The Iowa Review, Quarterly West, and American Poetry Review, and most recently in Black Warrior Review, North American Review, Poetry Northwest, Third Coast, and Natural Bridge. A chapter from her memoir in progress was published by New Orleans Review. She has received awards from the Associated Writing Programs and the Academy of American Poets, The Madison Review, Glimmer Train Press, The GSU Review, and The Southern California Review. She reviews books on Goodreads

Faculty Advisors

Catherine Rezza
Catherine Rezza

Catherine Rezza is an Instructor of English in the School of Letters and Sciences at Arizona State University's Downtown Phoenix Campus where she teaches creative writing and composition.  She has worked in an editorial capacity for HyperionHayden's Ferry Review, and Write On, Downtown . She is currently an associate editor of Merge: An Independent Journal of Convergent Ideas.

Claire  Lauer
Claire Lauer

Web Advisor Claire Lauer teaches courses in visual communication, multimedia composing, and technical communication as an assistant professor in the Multimedia Writing and Technical Communication program at Arizona State University Polytechnic. She is a certified Webmaster and has taught workshops in Web design and writing for the Web.

Elizabyth  Hiscox
Elizabyth Hiscox

Elizabyth Hiscox holds an MFA in creative writing from ASU and is an Assistant Poetry Editor for the online journal 42 Opus, as well as an advisor for Superstition Review. She was 2007 Poet-in-Residence at St. Chad's College of Durham University, England; and prior to a return to the Piper Center for Creative Writing in July of 2008, she instructed composition, literature, and creative writing at ASU's Polytechnic Campus. Her work has most recently appeared in Gulf Coast, Foundation, and The Journal of Modern Literature, and is currently featured as part of the Seventh Avenue Streetscape in central Phoenix. Her chapbook Inventory from a One-Hour Room is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.

Judith Van
Judith Van

Judith Van earned a BFA in Studio Art, and an MFA in Creative Writing at Arizona State University. She currently teaches writing at ASU and for the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and is the "Come Home to English” Art and Archives gallery director. She was fiction editor of Hayden's Ferry Review, and Gallery Director of Harry Wood Gallery. She has shown work in juried competitions in Arizona, California, and Oregon, and is currently working on a novel.

Kristin LaCroix
Kristin LaCroix

Fiction Advisor Kristin LaCroix teaches creative writing at Arizona State University. She is the recipient of the 2001 Katherine C. Turner Award in Poetry from the Academy of American Poets. Her community outreach projects include working with Alzheimers patients through poetry, and teaching in the Tempe Community Writers Project. She worked as an Education Specialist on the Fort McDowell Yavapai Reservation where she taught creative writing workshops and led the community children in producing a literary journal of their poems, stories, and artwork.

Student Editors

Amber Mosure
Amber Mosure

Amber Mosure is the development editor for Issue 3 and poetry editor for Issue 4. She is an English Literature major who recently switched from Creative Writing to Literature. She likes to write as much as she likes to read. She has lived in two places: Phoenix and Denver. She wrote a book two years ago, Sibylline, feels the need to edit and revise it a lot more before she would even submit the manuscript. Amber really digs dadaist, existentialist, and post-modernist writing more than anything else and is really into anything vintage, especially art nouveau. She is especially fond of the 1920s era and the turn-of-the-century. Amber considers herself a little eccentric and is also working on an almost-finished screenplay with a friend.

Andrew  Larsen
Andrew Larsen

Andrew Larsen is the poetry editor of Issue 4. He is a junior at Arizona State University majoring in History and Creative Writing. With this opportunity at Superstition Review, he hopes to continue his development as a writer as well as further expand his understanding of the contemporary literary community. He hopes to attend law school after graduation

Clarissa  Skeets
Clarissa Skeets

Clarissa Skeets is the art editor of Issue 4. She is currently a senior in the English Creative Writing program at Arizona State University. She enjoys visiting local museums and working on poetry. Clarissa wants to inspire people to create.

Derrick  Laux
Derrick Laux

Derrick Laux is the administrative team manager of Issue 4. He lives in Chandler, Arizona and is a senior English Literature major at Arizona State University. Originally from Seattle, he is a transfer from Washington State University with an interest in both American Southwest and Pacific Northwest fiction and regionalism. He is excited about the opportunity to manage at Superstition Review this fall and the marketable experience he will acquire in online publishing. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a career is sports media and aspires to work for a large outlet such as ESPN or Fox Sports.

Dustin Diehl
Dustin Diehl

Dustin is a student at Arizona State University and a member of the Barrett Honors College. He has a passion for movies, writing and all things Star Wars. He works as a copywriter for an online marketing agency in Tempe, Arizona.

Elizabeth  Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson is finishing her last year as a Creative Writing major, with a minor in Art History. This is her second year interning for Superstition Review and loves her new position as a Non-Fiction Editor. Upon graduation, she is hoping to take a year off and see the world!

Heidi  Nielson
Heidi Nielson

Heidi Nielson is the fiction editor for Issue 4. She is a junior pursuing degrees in Creative Writing and Digital Journalism, as well as a minor in Music, through the Barrett Honors College of ASU. She recently had an essay published in The Sparked Synapse Project. This semester, she will be studying English Literature at Queen Mary, the University of London. After graduation, she hopes to teach English overseas, travel widely, and delay choosing a career path as long as possible. She is thrilled to be a part of Superstition Review.

Jenny Brundage
Jenny Brundage

Jenny Brundage is the art editor for Issue 4. She is a Creative Writing major and senior. A story of hers recently appeared in the graphic novel anthology A Twist in the Night, available from Torn Comics. She has a background in sales, promotions, events, and is a former regional magazine columnist. While she has sold more non-fiction than fiction, plans are in motion to remedy that. Jenny is currently revising a fiction novel for 'tweens, writing a darkly comedic fiction novel, and compiling a portfolio to apply for Creative Writing MFA programs.

Jessica Swanson
Jessica Swanson

Jessica Swanson is the web design team manager for Issue 4. She is a senior at Arizona State University who will be graduating in December with a degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. This is her first time working for a literary publication. Post-graduation she hopes to travel and possibly pursue a profession in publishing. During that time she would like to delve further into her writing, possibly focusing on travel writing and young adult fiction.

Kellie  Parisek
Kellie Parisek

Kellie Parisek is the poetry and art project manager for Issue 4. She is a senior, graduating this December with a degree in English Literature.

Lynda  Farrell
Lynda Farrell

Lynda Farrell is the content coordinator for Issue 4. She is currently a senior at ASU. She is double-majoring in English and Political Science, and is looking forward to graduating this December. Lynda currently works full-time doing data entry. She spends her free time reading, remodeling houses, and following the news. Her future career plans are attending law school or getting into publishing.

Margarite  Dale
Margarite Dale

Margarite Dale is the content coordinator for Issue 4. She decided to pursue her college degree at the age of 40. She will graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in English, in May of 2010. Margarite has a passion for creating, writing, informing, teaching, entertaining. Margarite wishes to know, so she seeks, and she wishes to share, so she writes. She wants to paint open, honest pictures with words, pictures that open the world and make it a better place. Margarite Dale has been married to her husband for 26 years. They have three beautiful children and three precious grandchildren.

Mariah  Beckman
Mariah Beckman

Mariah Beckman is the solicitation coordinator for Issue 4. She is a full-time student and waitress, and a part-time everything else. A English Literature undergraduate in her senior year at Arizona State University, Mariah is a pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing and would eventually like to pursue doctoral studies. Mariah loves creative non-fiction, and wants to foster and create writing that helps shape the world's vision of itself.

Megan  Kiwor
Megan Kiwor

Megan Kiwor is the submissions coordinator for Issue 4. She is a sophomore at ASU majoring in English Creative Writing. Megan is part of a growing organization on campus called STAND which focuses on putting an end to the genocide in Darfur. She plans on going into advertisement and writing poetry books on the side.

Melissa  Silva
Melissa Silva

Melissa Silva is the interview coordinator for Issue 4. She is an Economics and Creative Writing double major within the Barrett Honors College. This is her first year with Superstition Review. She will graduate in 2012 and plans to pursue a graduate degree in law.

Michelle  Leabo
Michelle Leabo

Michelle Leabo is the content team manager for Issue 4. She is a senior at Arizona State University and will be graduating in May 2010. Her major is English with a concentration in Literature. She enjoys working on this magazine and appreciates the fantastic opportunity it gives to undergraduate students. Upon graduating, Michelle hopes to pursue a career in writing, editing, and publishing.

Nicole Dunlap
Nicole Dunlap

Photoshop Editor Nicole Dunlap is in her final semester at ASU. She will be graduating in December with a degree in English Literature. Most of her academic career, she has studied Medieval Literature; she presented last Fall in the Discipuli Juncti conference on the oral origins of the poem Beowulf. She was also a writing editor at Tempe Campus's Writing Center. Nicole wishes to pursue graduate studies after a break from her undergraduate years. She will take this time to travel, contemplate how to approach graduate school, and work on enhancing both her professional and creative writing skills.

Riki  Meier
Riki Meier

Riki Meier is the fiction editor for Issue 4. She is a senior English Literature major in the Barrett Honors College. Her honors thesis was an ethnographic research project that studied the impact of literature and narrative on the lives of women and will be included in Reading and Writing Womens Lives Online: Feminist Analysis of Representations in Weight Watchers Discussion Boards. Riki also voluntarily created, developed and taught an English as a Second Language class for community members in a low-income area. She served as the president of WORD: Creative Writers at ASU. Riki plans to pursue a Ph.D. in English Literature after graduation.

Samantha  Novak
Samantha Novak

Samantha Novak is the reading series coordinator for Issue 4. She is a sophomore pursuing a major in Global Studies with minors in Spanish and Urban Planning through the Barrett Honors College at ASU. In the past summer she had the opportunity to travel through China for a month, and this has only sparked her interest in traveling, she also hopes to spend the 2010-2011 academic year abroad. Samantha worked on a literary magazine in high school, and is thrilled to have the opportunity to work on Superstition Review.

Sean  Carstensen
Sean Carstensen

Sean Carstensen is the prose team manager for Issue 4. He is a senior English Literature major at Arizona State University originally from Northern California. The Fall 2099 issue of Superstition Review is his first experience in publishing and he is excited to contribute whatever he can to the process. He hopes to pursue a career either in law or journalism upon graduation.

Tabitha  Gutierrez
Tabitha Gutierrez

Tabitha Gutierrez is the advertising coordinator for Issue 4. She is currently a senior at Arizona State University majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating in English Creative Writing and Business. She has extensive Marketing and Public Relations background as well as diverse writing abilities. After graduating this May, she plans to attend law school in either Arizona or California.

Timothy  Allen
Timothy Allen

Timothy Allen is the web design editor for both Issue 3 and Issue 4. He is a senior at ASU majoring in Literature, Writing, and Film in preparation for applying to Law School next year. He is a published novelist with years of experience in professional writing and website design. With a diverse skill set under his belt already, he is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up—being a lawyer seems like too much of a part-time job, so he continues to dream to one day see his name in the credits as a writer for a major Disney movie.