A Poem by Chiagoziem Confidence Jideofor

Chiagoziem Confidence Jideofor

Chiagoziem Confidence Jideofor

Chiagoziem Confidence Jideofor is Igbo and Queer. Her poems have appeared or are scheduled to appear in POETRY, Reunion: The Dallas Review, Obsidian, ANOMLY, the minnesota review, Yaba Left Review, Passengers Journal, Rigorous, Untitled: Voices, Versification, and so on.  Also a self-taught illustrator, Agoziem has worked on several book covers and digital art collaborations.



An Interpretation of Index

more than 82 million Nigerians live on less than $1 a day

                                                                     -National Bureau of Statistics

at the behest of such news, we claim tragedies
—fluid & predestined

being people carved from designation & context.
                   from historic mooring of ships
near inland towns. from the installed machines & those roaring
                   underneath our feet.
from poverty adopting length & grime at the coastlines

when the sea touches land bringing craw-craw & bitterness,
poisoning our crops and throats. we’d bemoan its stench of decay
& death overriding our slums & everywhere else holding pith

we’d taper belief
count so many things to do with water;
                             could fashion strongholds/drive growth our way

 & even more things to do to water—
                             seal up a mother’s mouth while she remain
                             more of sand, limestone, & other natural sealants

 mere pieces on a platter
day & many days of fishes bopping to the surface, releasing their poison

 the guzzling bubbles & direct rays of sunshine slowly disappearing
without voices, our sea will stink to hell