A Poem by Michael Chang

Michael Chang

Michael Chang

Michael Chang (they/them) is the author of several collections of poetry, including Boyfriend Perspective (Really Serious Literature, 2021), Almanac of Useless Talents (CLASH Books, 2022), & Synthetic Jungle (Northwestern University Press, 2023). Tapped to edit Lambda Literary's Emerge anthology, their poems have been nominated for Best New Poets, Best of the Net, & the Pushcart Prize. They were awarded the Poetry Project's prestigious Brannan Prize in 2021, & serve as a poetry editor at the acclaimed journal Fence.


precocious as a palanquin [+] sharply-dressed [+] easily bored

drinking dom like beer [+] hustling like a youth

my face a genius grant [+] england is my city


break it down gayle

iz not even close venus

how is lil bug-eyed luca

don’t care abt loss [+] get outta my sight

i want daffodils [+] dandelions [+] an easy summer

bust my iron dome [+] reams [+] reams [+] no ulterior motives

MGK [+] his malcontents [+] fucks for every budget

something in ur throat [+] catarrh [+] the lying-down kind

vague green mist [+] pyramids panting

hu jintao on his wedding nite


naomi i choose tom holland [+] final answer [+] locked in!

everything subject-to-change! ((((( a boomerang!

i once told someone i would do anything for them

it wasn’t a lie

but u knew that