"Unapparent Harmony" by Aaron Bauer

Aaron Bauer

Aaron Bauer

Aaron Bauer lives in Fairbanks, AK with his wife, Sarah, and his daughter, Adelaide. He is currently perusing his MFA at the University of Alaska. Bauer received his undergraduate degrees in Music and English Literature from the University of Colorado.

Unapparent Harmony

An unapparent connection is stronger than an apparent one.

Kneeling here within
the cloud of witnesses,
I partake. Connection.
Harmonia, in Greek.

Underneath like aspen roots.
Just below as the thick
chord gripping your calf
to your heel. Exposed,

catgut strings dancing
on a guitar bridge. Or
obscured. The air
between my lips

and your ears or genes
shared from father
to child. A closeness
seen by any but so

fine only the best eye
with the best instrument
could prove its
existence. Think of me

as an untold myth
that you feel in your
sinew and do this
to remember.