A Poem by Marylyn Tan

Marylyn Tan

Marylyn Tan

Marylyn is interested in addressing the queer feminine body, existence in liminal spaces, the parameters of interaction whether public or personal, and the conditions of alienation and marginalisation in her work. Marylyn Tan is a full-time linguistics major, poet, and artist who has performed at the Singapore Biennale, SPORE Art Salon, IndigNation SG, the Singapore Writers Festival, SPEAK., and so on. She has also been featured in various print anthologies, such as Rollercoasters and Bedsheets, and the upcoming A Luxury We Must Afford and Inheritance | The Anthology. She has been called an 'erotic poet', and writes for your bewilderment.

bvtch swag
for ad

siken says, sorry about the bony elbows sorry we
lived here. your morning erection 
is saltwater taffy, ravaged silicone spur,
a piece of driftwood 

like they sell in the 99c seaside shops 
against better judgment.
a carpenter bee swarming
with little white antlike bodies.
a litany of chrysanthemums.
a tongue like hail mary's. your bones 
weigh less than a quarter of a silverfish.

your exes' curses falling like
a plague of suriname toads,
each fruiting into a thousand
blistering apologies 
like gaping craters in stung skin.
I am sorry I pick at scabs.

you are:
the crisscross of thatched pondok roof
falling on the sand.
equal measures salt and water.
the place where the ocean
changes colour,

bvlgari wrists insistent 
of aquamarine