"Flight" by Jenn Blair

Jenn Blair

Jenn Blair

Jenn Blair is from Yakima, WA. She received her PhD in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Georgia where she is currently a Park Hall Fellow. Her interests include Victorian and Arab Literature, and she has published in MELUS, The Tusculum Review, and Copper Nickel.


Best to be scars and forgetfulness.
Stand near the woman who puts
her purse in a bin, exclaiming
What kind of world is this? Where we
have to take off our shoes?
Best to go far up above the clouds, and guess
whether it's the Blue Mountains
or Black Mountains
or Casper, Wyoming.
Evening rush hour traffic jolting the air,
or a woman banging a metal cake
pan on the counter, getting the bubbles out.

New York City
written on my napkin.
As was, as is, as ever have shall been-
People with good bone structure
gather up courage
and move to big towns
on the eastern seaboard. I don't dare
wipe my lips on a skyscraper.
Crumple the picture atop the ice in the cup.